Visit our brick-and-mortar store to see, smell, and touch your favorite botanical products before you buy! Shop nearly 300 herbs and spices, 85 varieties of tea, and a plethora of herbal tinctures, artisan salts, culinary oils, natural skin care products, soap making supplies, and so much more for your health and harmony.

Whether you live in Oregon or are just passing through, we welcome you to stop by.

10AM - 6PM Monday thru Saturday • 10AM - 5PM Sunday
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Moon Journaling: Unlock the Wisdom of Your Moon Cycle

28 May 2023

1:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Wild Women - Did you know that your moon cycle holds the secret to creating more peace, flow, and abundance in your life? In this class, we will discuss how to uncover these secrets through the art of moon journaling. Moon journaling is the process of tracking our physical, mental, emotional, and energetic changes throughout the different phases of our menstrual cycle. When we do this regularly, we can begin to see patterns and habits that recur predictably - driven by our internal moon cycles. Once we are aware of these patterns, we can use them to our advantage to create a life that is truly in alignment with what we want for ourselves. This class is open to anyone who identifies as a woman, or a moon cycler

Bri Martinez is the CEO and founder of Wild Moon LLC. Through integrating what she has learned about women's moon cycles, intuition, and the natural world, Bri creates dynamic and heart-centered learning experiences where women can explore and expand the edges of their own abilities and potential.

Cost: Free - First Come First Serve

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Fermentation Basics

10 Jun 2023

11:00 AM - 1:00 PM

Look at the history and science behind kombucha, kefir, & kim chee. See how versatile kim chee can be! *on site pressure gauge testing before and after the presentation 10am-11am and 1pm-2pm.

Cost: Free - First Come First Serve

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Pollinator Protectors Workshop

11 Jun 2023

1:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Join Beyond Toxics staff members to learn about native bees! Do-it-yourself projects include creating a bee house, bee watering station, wildflower seed bombs, and herbal sachets. Let's help our pollinators find water and shelter this summer so they can help us grow the fruits and veggies that we love! While you're here, purchase your tickets to Bee Jazzy, an evening of live jazz music at Silvan Ridge Winery which supports our Save Oregon's Bees campaign. All ages are welcome, projects are supported DIY, first-come, first served while supplies last. Suggested donations $5 to cover the cost of supplies.

DIY stations will be led by Beyond Toxics staff, interns and board members, including Pesticide Program Manager Jennifer Eisele and Regenerative Ecosystems expert Krystal Abrams. Beyond Toxics is a Eugene-based environmental justice nonprofit organization, serving all of Oregon to create lasting change for public health.

Cost: Free, suggested donation $5 to cover materials- Open-House style, come and go as you please. While supplies last.

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Garden Cupcake Baking & Decorating

23 Jul 2023

1:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Together, we will bake bright, organic lemon cupcakes with vanilla buttercream, and decorate them with edible flowers and herbs! Along the way, we will learn about basic baking skills and helpful techniques.We will learn about common edible plants and flowers, how and why we use them, the benefits of eating and working with them, and the deep role that Earth's seasons hold. Each student will take home 6 cupcakes to enjoy!

Natalie is a self taught baker, gardener, and mother. She is deeply inspired by nature and its seasons and cycles. She started a custom cake business out of her home kitchen a few years ago, crafting garden cakes using organic ingredients, seasonal produce, flowers and herbs. This small business grew into a full time career, specializing in garden cakes for events: weddings, birthdays, baby showers etc. Each cake is unique and carefully crafted, as is every garden. Natalie believes that baking is about combining magical, earthly ingredients into a potion, then adding heat, time, and love to create the most divine treats imaginable.

Cost: $25 - First Come First Serve - Limited to 12 Spaces

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Bring your own bag and you can donate to your favorite charity

For us it's people, plants, and planet over profit.

One of the ways we make this mission a reality is to support local organizations that work to protect Oregon's ecosystems. Each time you bring your own shopping bag, we will donate to one of the nonprofit partners of your choice! When you support us, we support them.

Thank you for helping us fund environmental nonprofits, encourage our employees to bike and walk to work, and preserve the beauty of the nature we were given.

Our passion for organics is woven into every fiber of Mountain Rose Herbs' operations, and we believe this is necessary to realize our mission to put people, plants, and planet over profit.

We offer one of the most thorough selections of certified organic herbs, spices, and botanical products and are committed to responsible sourcing. For our customers and the natural environment, we never stock conventionally grown botanicals, and when certified organic materials are not available, we opt for those cultivated without chemicals or synthetic inputs. Many of these are ethically harvested in the wild, thus liberating us from conventional farming dependencies.

When we review plant materials, work with our family of farmers, or review harvesting sites, we always take the health of our customers and the environment into serious consideration. The benefits of supporting the organic movement and moving toward an organic lifestyle are immeasurable. Our offerings are also meticulously analyzed in our Quality Control Lab and sometimes sent to third-party labs for additional testing to ensure they are free from synthetic chemicals.

For food, family, and future, we encourage you to be passionately organic! Here are the issues we tackle through organic agriculture on a daily basis and believe can change the world one botanical at a time.

Since 1987, quality has meant 3 very important things to us:

1. Certified organic or pesticide-free plant products that are sustainably harvested.
2. Vibrant, tasty, potent, and consistent herbal goods that exceed customer expectations.
3. A product that is proven safe through laboratory analysis.

From the moment our herbs are harvested to the time they arrive on our docks, we monitor and log each step to fulfill our promise of quality to our customers. From pre-ship sample screenings, to comprehensive laboratory analysis, we complete a thorough program before selling our beautiful botanical products to you.

We hope you enjoy the quality of our herbal products. We will continue to work diligently to be your reliable supplier of organic botanicals.

Our commitment to exceptional care and cultivation standards applies not only to our products, but also to the hardworking people who grow them. That is why, since 2012, Mountain Rose Herbs has maintained a comprehensive fair trade certification in accordance with the Fair for Life standard. While traditional fair trade certifications primarily focus on the production of finished goods, the Fair for Life program raises the bar by applying fair-for-all principles that ensure human rights and fair working conditions are maintained at each stage in the supply chain.

Shaped by its goal of improving the position of marginalized social groups worldwide (particularly in developing countries), Fair for Life's guidelines support and enrich the livelihoods of thousands of small farmers and workers through fair pricing and an additional, allocated-type of dividend: development premium funds. Fair trade development premiums are placed into a separate communal fund that workers and farmers can use to improve their social, economic, and environmental conditions. These premium funds can be deployed at the community's discretion to enhance the local economy (by investing in farm improvements, equipment, or employee housing), or to enrich the community directly (through the construction of schools, healthcare facilities, or vital regional infrastructure, such as roads and bridges).

The international certification body, ECOCERT SA, has a strong reputation for its success in promoting regional development through its industry-leading record of verifying compliance with organic, ecological, and social standards. Its fair trade program consists of two certification options: “For Life” and “Fair for Life”.